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Moko is a six-year-old border collie with a penchant for Frisbee and fetch. She’s got a laundry list of tricks and truly loves to be around people. She enjoys kids, especially her kid sisters. Moko has recently starred in five commercials and she has also had her puppy photo published in I Has a Hotdog: What Your Dog Is Really Thinking, a book of cute dog photos from the popular I Can Has Cheezburger /lolcats company. Moko loves being on camera and has a good knack for acting. She can show emotion rather well and is a sweetheart on and off set.

Moko-1st-acting-job103013_3This website is designed mainly to showcase Moko and her tricks and acting appearances, but we also look forward to sharing some fun blog posts offering tips and tricks, reviews of our favorite products (Frisbees, treats, etc.), doggie recipes, and some general news and other ideas.

Moko has an excellent temperament and a fairly extensive vocabulary. She can fetch my slippers starting from the first floor to the upstairs bedroom, and can also retrieve matching socks my toddler’s dropped here and there. (She is a little obsessed with socks, to be honest.) Stay tuned for videos of some of our favorite tricks that Moko does.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Moko! She is such a sweet, loving girl. xo

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